Girl Crushes in The Powder Room

I wasn’t going to Cybermummy 2011, what with it falling a month after my due date, the thought of travelling to London and back in a day, with a newborn just seemed too much. The only way I would be able to attend is if I stayed both Friday and Saturday night and with a new baby the budget just wouldn’t stretch that far.

As the date draws closer and it becomes clear that it’s going to be even bigger and better than last year and so many of my friends and favourite bloggers are discussing where they’re staying, what they’re wearing and who they are meeting up with I am regretting my decision. I am DESPERATE to go, but it’s SOLD OUT!!!

If only there were a beautiful Fairy Godmother to grant my wish and provide a ticket and two nights in a hotel……but wait, there is. The fantastic team at In the Powder Room have organised a Golden* Cybermummy Ticket AND 2 nights at the Hoxton Hotel and all they want to know is who I want to bump into in The Powder Room at the Hoxton.

The Hoxton is an achingly cool, boutiquey hotel in London, so who better to bump in to there than my Girl Crushes, who all absolutely match the venue’s fabulousness with no trouble.

‘Girl Crushes’ are reserved for those women that you just know would be great fun on a night out and who you want to be like, you love the way they dress and wonder how they get their hair to be so effortlessly cool (and shiny). If you were that way inclined you’d definitely fancy them or if you’re not and there was a male equivalent then you’d fancy him. You know that if you met them you would probably be all shy and tongue tied. Come on, admit it we all have them, don’t we? These are mine:

Claudia Winkleman

Whenever Claudia is on TV I want to go for cocktails with her, convinced she would be funny, down to earth, happy to chat about frocks and shoes but equally at home discussing the arts and literature. She always manages to look cool and not fall over in ridiculously high heels and can really rock a fringe, something that I am trying and failing to pluck up the courage to do. Despite this, I get the feeling she could get an uncontrollable fit of the giggles at an inappropriate moment and I’ll bet she knows some great morsels of gossip to share over a mojito or two.

Mary Portas

I know the Queen of Shops is not everyone’s cup of tea with her forthright manner and the fact she is not short of an opinion or two, but I can’t help it, I love her. My Dad successfully ran a small clothes shop for over 20 years and both of us agree that she knows her stuff. Most of her advice is fabulous and she is gutsy enough to get through to the clueless shop owners & workers who are failing so miserably. Again, she dresses fabulously, never looking like she is trying to be a teenager, just looking amazing & proud of her own age. She had a really unusual and challenging early life and I urge you to listen to her interview on Desert Island Discs, where she talks about basically raising her younger siblings before carving out a fantastic career in retail. She has that head girl air about her which just screams ‘Girl Crush’

Miranda Hart

I realise she isn’t your traditional ‘Girl Crush’ material. Not particularly poised or hip, but that’s what I love about her. Self-effacing and charming and yet sharp and funny, who wouldn’t want to be like that. She may not be the thinnest woman in the room or the prettiest or the trendiest, but you just know that she would be surrounded by people who would be entertained and in awe of her. Honestly I think part of her appeal is that she is just as likely to stumble down the stairs as I am and yet would handle it with good humour and a certain bravery that I don’t possess.

So, there you have it, I’ve ‘fessed up to my ‘Girl Crushes’. I think they would all get on with each other well enough, particularly once I’d shared the bottle of champagne that In the Powder Room are including in the prize.

I can’t be the only one with ‘Girl Crushes’, so tell me, have you got any you want to share with me?

*It’s actually just a bog standard ticket and I don’t believe it allows entry to any kind of chocolate factory.


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