A Sunny Future #passiton

In a few short weeks I shall be starting the year of vaccinations that accompanies every new baby in this country. I vividly remember sitting in the doctor’s surgery with a six week old Mini Mck worrying about how his first injections would affect him. Would I have a sleepless night as he suffered a slight fever? Would he be sick? Would I be able to settle him afterwards? I was then livid that I was kept waiting for 40 minutes and remember thinking that newborn babies shouldn’t be kept waiting as long as that.

This time, thanks to a fantastic Save the Children campaign, I will simply be thinking how lucky we are to live in a country where every baby has easy access to this basic, but life saving healthcare and how there are mothers on the other side of the world that would gladly wait for hours in order to get their child immunised. I will be thinking of the eight million children that die every year from diseases that could be prevented.

Three bloggers, including my lovely friend and fantastic writer, Chris at Thinly Spread will be travelling to Mozambique with Save the Children to help them with their No Child Born to Die campaign. They will be raising awareness ahead of Global Vaccinations Meeting that is taking place in London this June and is being hosted by David Cameron.

To support this campaign and help make some noise Maggie at Red Ted Art and Josie at Sleep is for the Weak are hosting a bloghop which I would urge anybody reading this to get involved in. In addition to this you can sign the on-line petition, it’ll only take a matter of seconds and you don’t need to have a blog to get involved.

The bloghop aims to get kids involved in thinking about their future. As he is only just two Mini Mck’s future basically consists of when his next packet of strawberry yoghurty things is going to arrive and drawing anything that looks remotely like a person is rather beyond him. So, we created this for you. It’s a sun, by the way.

He is my sunshine and I hope that his future, whatever he decides to do, is filled with as much sunshine as he has bought to mine.

If you’d like to get involved in the bloghop, this is what you need to do

1) Get your child to either draw or craft a self portrait of themselves now or in the future.
3) Sign the Save the Children petition and then pass it onto your friends
4) Write a blog post about it as soon as possible, including info about Save the Children and the petition. We want as many people linked up AND signed up the petition by Sunday 29th May 2011
5) Tag 8 fellow blogger friends
6) Come back and link up your posts, either at Sleep is for the Weak or over at Red Ted Art, so we can all see each other’s posts and if you have time, go and visit some other posts.
I am tagging the following bloggers, but if you haven’t been tagged and want to join in please do. It’s for a very good reason
The lovely Whimsical Wife
Karin at CafeBebe
Alison at Plus 2.4

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