Zen and The Art of Being Overdue

I am writing this post as much for myself as anyone else, I may need to read it daily until this baby decides to make an appearance. After my last blog sharing how laid back and relaxed I was feeling about when baby arrived, my mood spiralled into the usual impatient and anxious state that everyone expects from women around their due date.

So, today I have made it a priority to return to my Zen-like state and I think I am getting back there, so I thought I would share with you my tips for remaining sane once that annoying due date has passed.

Avoid all meetings, phone calls, texts, answer phone messages with anyone who is going to ask you if anything has happened yet. For me these have included daily texts from my Mother about trivial, inconsequential rubbish, that she’d never normally send in an attempt to get updates without actually asking, my Stepmother enquiring if anything was happening after I’d just asked to borrow my Dad’s electric screwdriver, as if I’d be making flat pack furniture whilst in labour and various people going on about pineapple, curry, brisk walks and sex.

Have a project to keep you occupied. However, make sure it’s not too taxing and preferably something you can do sitting down. Today Mckdaddy and I have done some more work on our photo wall, which included finally putting some of the photos actually on the wall. It was a perfect choice as it is always nice to do something together and looking at old photos of lovely people and places just makes me smile.

Try to keep just the right amount of busy so you don’t think too much. I have accepted that I am bound to be a little anxious about the unknown, about labour, about the baby and as there is nothing I can do about when and how I find it is best not to think about it too much. What will be, will be.

Do some yoga. Even if you don’t normally practice yoga I would really recommend ante-natal yoga and towards the end is the time to use it the most. I have tried to make sure I do some each evening, even if it is only half and hour and I have found it helps the aches and pains, helps me sleep and relax and gives me a moment to be quiet and simply be with my baby.

Find the right people to be honest with. A quick chat with Mckdaddy helped loads this morning, where he pointed out how well I’d been doing at staying calm and patient and that I had to try and get back to that. A friend phoned on my due date and made me laugh and my lovely, honest Twitter friends have been great too.

Feel free to completely ignore this post. Throughout this pregnancy, even more than my last, I have learnt that you must do what is right for YOU. Everyone is different and everyone has a different pregnancy. Once you stop doing what you think is expected of you and listening to background noise. These are the things that I have found helpful, you may find a completely different way of remaining Zen and mastering the art of being overdue.


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