Moment to moment

When a new person arrives, one that relies so completely on you, there is really nothing you can do except live moment to moment. I have been desperate to blog, with so many thoughts and emotions that I want to get down in writing, but I just haven’t been able to carve out the time or summon the energy until now.

Life with a newborn takes on a strange pace, it has it’s own rhythm that is quite different to anything else. Frenetic and at the same time unhurried, I find myself switching from bouts of action to indulging myself by gazing at my new son for what seems like hours, but isn’t.

Inevitably, we are trying to remember what Mini Mck was like at this age and are failing miserably. Unable to remember if the screaming for hours and 2 hour waking throughout the night starting as early as this or took it’s time to build. I do remember that Mini Mck had to be on a person for most of the night in order to sleep. Elijah or Nano Mck, as he will now be known here, is definitely not like that.

He seems to have arrived in this world knowing the difference between night and day mostly waking only once between bedtime and morning. he is yet to sleep with us at night and after a marathon feeding session in the evening he drops off in my arms and I can put him in his crib. I am hoping that his big brother doesn’t persuade him that sleep is for wimps.

He is feeding really well, although it helps that one of us knows what to do. I had forgotten how long it takes to feed a newborn. Mini Mck was always a quick snacker. Nano Mck is both greedy and a bit lazy, he likes to take his time, indulging in a full 3 courses with a little rest in between each one, so it can take a while.

I wish I’d known all the things I know now when Mini Mck was born. This time I am not constantly checking my watch, fretting about how long has passed between feeds or how long he has been asleep for. I simply feed him when he asks for it and let him fall asleep when he needs to.

We are still getting to know one another and so for now we will continue to live moment to moment until he finds a rhythm of his own.


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