A short list of things I’ve learnt this week – The Newborn Edition

1) It is possible to have a baby that will sleep in their crib and not have to be touching a person the whole time.

2) Even though you think nursing pads are not doing anything useful, they are in fact doing the very important job of preventing milk from leaking on your shirt. It is therefore not a good idea to forget them only 12 days after giving birth and then go out for the morning.

3) It is unusual that both your children will nap at the same time and therefore when they do you should savour every minute.

4) It is possible for a baby to feed, puke, feed, puke, feed, puke all day long and you can never have too many babygrows and muslin squares when you have a child that does this.

5) Health visitors have a knack of making you feel as if you are a rubbish parent even when your baby is putting on weight and sleeping soundly and your toddler is happily playing and chatting away in a very endearing way. However, midwives are fabulous, or at least all the ones I have dealt with have been.

6) Words with Friends is the perfect companion when you are feeding day or night. However, it is highly addictive and you may find yourself still playing even though the baby is fed, winded and fast asleep.

7) The worst thing you can say to a new mother who’s body is still recovering and is now making milk is that you are tired or that you need a nap.

8) Just as when you see your partner become a father and it makes you love him even more, when you see your first born become a loving and accepting big brother you find that it is possible to love him more.

9) When you have toddler and a baby everything you try to do takes eleventy seven times longer than you think it will

10) I should have got one child out of nappies before having another one.

Many thanks to Victoria who blogs her lists of things she has learnt this week as she travels the world with her family. As you can imagine her lists are more exotic but her pictures are not as cute.


9 thoughts on “A short list of things I’ve learnt this week – The Newborn Edition

  1. All so very true. I have also found that I am amazed by how much I can achieve in just 30 minutes when they are both asleep or with Mr C. Was it completely surreal changing MM's nappy for the first time after the baby was born? I just kept thinking Piran's bottom was massive!

  2. That is such a gorgeous picture! I remember learning all the same things, even the thought about nappies but now I'm aiming for 2 for the price of 1 potty training, just biding my time!! I completely agree about loving everyone more though, didn't think it was possible before but it absolutely is :0) xx

  3. That is a stunning photo #SilentSunday materialHave you heard of http://www.NCT.org a bit helpful when you have one – a life saver when you have two. There's a coffee morning/stay & play near you via your local branchLynne x (honieBuk)

  4. Very very sweet photo. Sounds like you are doing really amazingly well! I also remembered too late that it is preferable to have no. 1 out of nappies before no. 2 arrives. Ah well, all adds to the fun. Huge congrats and long may the sound sleeping last. x

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