Full, but may as well be empty

Today has been one of the hottest days of the year and I wore jeans. I didn’t want to wear jeans but I had nothing else available, that was fit to be seen wearing in public and we were going out so scrubby shorts were not an option.

I am stuck in that awkward period of time where most of my clothes don’t fit me. My maternity clothes are too big, either needing to be hitched up every two minutes or they make me look as if I’ve not yet had the baby and most of my normal clothes are too small. Add to this the fact that I need to wear clothes that are suitable for breastfeeding and I find that at least 75% of my wardrobe is useless.

I also seem to have lost the desire to shop *gasp*, a situation which I have never found myself in before. A distinct lack of shopping funds probably has something to do with it, as does the fact that I had a baby four weeks ago and so am knackered and not in the best shape of my life.

It wouldn’t normally be a pressing issue, but I have two weddings to go to in the next two months and need to find something to wear. I went out on Saturday to try and find a dress with no success. I only tried three on and didn’t much like any of them. As I wandered around the optimistic side of my brain would think “that’s suitable for a wedding and I think I could breastfeed in it”, while the realistic and slightly more ‘glass half empty’ part of me would be screaming “Yes, but it’s hideous.”

I have narrowed down the options to an actual breastfeeding dress or, my preferred route, some trousers and a top, teamed with fabulous heels and a clutch bag. However, I am still not looking forward to looking for the final choice. I would rather be spending the money on items that I could wear day to day, even then though I would have no idea where to begin.

I seem to have got myself into a style cul-de-sac. I am distinctly underwhelmed by what I do see in the shops, always feeling that the clothes are not really for me, but someone altogether younger, older, trendier, taller, thinner and definitely more willowy.

I guess it is this lack of inspiration coupled with the lack of time that has landed me wearing jeans and an unflattering top on a sweltering hot summer’s day. Before I had children I imagine that I would’ve been able to find something I liked, given that I had the luxury of time to browse and money to spend.

I have had some great ideas from Twitter and I have ordered some options from the internet. I can’t help but feel that how I think they are going to look in my head is not going to be the reality. My last resort is taking my best shopping buddy, Mckdaddy, out at the weekend to find something.

So, does anyone have any ideas for a 36 year old, 5ft 2in, definitely not skinny mother, who is still breastfeeding and who’s boobs reflect that fact?  I should just warn you I really don’t ‘get’ maxi dresses and I wore playsuits the first time around so they’re out of the question.


4 thoughts on “Full, but may as well be empty

  1. There are some lovely breastfeeding tops (and frocks) from a company called Boob. These are available athttp://www.everydaymaternity.com/If you choose carefully you can get things that look just like normal clothing. E.g. this top:http://www.everydaymaternity.com/boob-nursing-carmen-blouse-p-220.htmlI know the prices aren't particularly low, but I wore my Boob tops and dresses for several smart occasions when I was still breastfeeding. Was sorry to part with my breastfeeding clothes (but had to because my boobs eventually returned to pre-pregnancy size)

  2. I went to a wedding when C was 4 months and wore a dress with a cross-over/wrap style top, but normal skirt. It's tricky, isn't it – I just got rid of three pairs of trousers that I'd bought post-baby and are now too big. Kind of thinking 'I should never have bought them' but if I hadn't, I'd have had hardly anything to wear for six months! Have you tried eBay? Bit risky but cheap.

  3. Good to chat to you on Twitter. Been there and struggled with that. Ended up wearing what felt flattering and breastfeeding in the toilet because dress had to be hoiked up!Accessories/ make up always a cheap and cheerful way to brighten up existing stuff.Good luck!

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