Four go camping (kind of)

Shortly after finding out I was pregnant with Nano Mck, talk in our house turned to holidays for this summer. 

We had some fantastic times camping locally last year, but felt that it would be a bit chilly for a eight week old baby and after packing up our tent at 8pm in gale force winds on our last trip I think we both felt some continental sun was in order. We decided that to take even more of the work out of camping we would try a Eurocamp holiday. With actual beds and a fridge, it’s like playing at camping. Mckdaddy ensured me that we would go far enough south to have some pleasant weather, but not so far that we would have 2 small children in the car for days on end. I was persuaded. 
Then one of Mckdaddy’s closest and oldest friends announced he was getting married, in August, in Italy. His girlfriend is part Scottish, part Italian, he’s Irish and they live in France, let’s face it the wedding could have been anywhere! 
So, with a two year old and a baby who won’t even be three months old we are driving to Italy with a stop in France and Austria for the wedding and then spending ten days, with Eurocamp, in the French Alps, via Lake Garda, finally taking a couple more days to travel back to Calais and then home.
4 people, 1 car, 18 nights, 7 places to sleep, 2166 miles, 36 hours of driving*. 
I am swaying between thinking we are totally bonkers to being really excited at getting away for nearly three weeks, seeing friends and going abroad for the first time with our boys. 
It may be a disaster but it will, at least, be an adventure. Whatever happens, I’ll let you know.
*Yes, Dad I know that the times are estimates and it may take much much longer to get there

3 thoughts on “Four go camping (kind of)

  1. Good luck – we're still working our way up to doing a proper eurocamp abroad trip but have done one week in one of their UK sites and have another booked for later in the year and it's been fab

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