Seven weeks

It’s all going too fast. The weeks are whizzing by and Nano Mck is changing every day. He is seven weeks old today, shortly I will start to describe his age in terms of months rather than weeks. By the time Mini Mck was seven weeks we had already started baby massage classes and I would practice it daily. In contrast Nano Mck has only had two baths, massage hasn’t stood a chance.

I feel as though, in the blur of nappies and toddler tantrums that I’m missing it. He is squeezed in to my life in small pockets of time. At the end of the day when we are feeding or on the rare occasion when Mini Mck is asleep and I allow myself the luxury of simply baby gazing. A nappy change when I tickle his tummy and stroke his bare skin. These are the moments I treasure.

We have been so lucky, he is a laid back, easy going baby. I wonder if this is just his nature or if it is because I am more relaxed than the first time I did this. I think it’s probably a little of both, but mostly I believe that they arrive as a fully formed person, with likes and dislikes and we simply learn how to make the best of what we have been given.

He sleeps brilliantly, especially at night, usually feeding only once, sometimes twice, between the last feed of the evening and about 6am. I cannot believe the difference getting some decent sleep makes and I am grateful, seeing as I also have an extremely energetic toddler to contend with. During the day is isn’t always easy to put down to sleep, but he will happily snooze in the sling and often if he is nicely swaddled he will let me put him in his crib or pram.

He smiled for the first time last week and now he is really getting into his stride with it. He loves to have his tummy tickled and is so smiley and happy, making brilliant eye contact. This week he has started to reach out for things and loves to stare at the dangling toys on his playmat. I suspect he would like to spend more time kicking and wiggling on his mat but his brother is sometimes a little too loving.

He takes his time over feeding, liking to have a break or two to burp, be sick or fill his nappy. It can take up to an hour to feed him, but thankfully he only needs feeding every three to four hours. I try to treat it as a luxury when Mini Mck is asleep, but when he is awake it can be frustrating.

He has happily taken a couple of bottles of expressed milk, although thanks to his brilliant sleeping I haven’t felt the overwhelming need to have a break and so am not on the treadmill of expressing a bottle a day that I endured for the first year of Mini Mck’s life.

He’s quite a sicky baby and I am rubbish at remembering the muslin cloth on my shoulder at the vital moment. I am starting to prefer white tops, the baby sick is less noticeable. He also gets hiccups after most feeds, usually around thirty minutes after, just as he is falling asleep. I think my boobs must be full of fizzy pop.

Seven weeks. It feels like two. They are tiny for such a short time, it’s important to take some time to simply drink it in, to drink him in.


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