Three months

The nine months before Nano Mck was born were among the slowest of my life and the three months since he was born have, without doubt, been the fastest. They have sped by even more quickly that Mini Mck’s newborn days. I am hugely grateful that this time, I know how quickly these weeks go and that they are tiny for such a short time. As a result I cherish every opportunity to have cuddle him just a little longer and enjoy the peace. These moments are too rare.

I have been blown away by how different he is to Mini Mck, not only in looks, but in his personality too and again I find it amazing that these people arrive in the world with a personality at all. It is simply our job to get to know them and then work with what we have.

He is calm and quiet. Dare I say, I don’t think we’ve had any bouts of unexplained, prolonged crying. If he cries it is because he needs something and he doesn’t fight these needs.

He sleeps, which makes a huge difference. Already he has slept through a few times and most other nights he only wakes once between bedtime and morning. I really couldn’t ask for more. I never believed it was possible for a newborn to sleep so well and my biggest fear about expanding our family has been allayed.

All this rest and calmness has left him plenty of time for smiling and laughing, the latter he has mastered this last week. He can’t stop smiling and I can’t stop taking pictures of him doing so. He also is happy to be left kicking on his mat or sitting in his chair for what seems like ages. Sometimes, I fear that I will forget about him or leave him somewhere, he is so content.

He tolerates and even loves his over enthusiastic, loving big brother. While others baulk when Mini Mck appears to lay on top of him to cuddle him, I have learnt to let it go. I noticed that Nano actually wiggles excitedly and his eyes follow Mini around the room. I take my cues from him and when he has had enough he lets me know.

It is going too fast, already Nano’s age is talked about in terms to months instead of weeks. I want to slow time down so that I can savour these weeks. They just go too fast.


9 thoughts on “Three months

  1. It's terrifying how fast time flies isn't it? My little boy has just reached 5 months and, like you, I'm cherishing every cuddle (and thinking sod the housework!) – especially as I'm not planning to have any more kids. Love your description of the siblings – my daughter is nearly 3 and they seem to adore each other. My boy is incredibly patient with her! I suspect this happy relationship will all change when he can move and steal toys! Beautiful photos by the way.

  2. Reading this has brought back such lovely memories for me. It really is such a special time and it really does fly by but cherishing the moments as you are mean that they'll be in your memory forever more. Beautiful post and adorable pictures – what a lovely family you have 🙂

  3. Loved reading that. This time does go quickly. When people said it before T was born I never knew what they meant. I do now. I'm sure you have amazing memories and amazing times to look forward to.

  4. Such a lovely post and such wonderful photos. I am glad that you are finding time to enjoy those moments. Can't wait to see you both again soon (and swap babies for cuddles!)

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