The Gallery: A happy memory of happy memories

Every time I leave my bedroom I am enveloped in happy memories. A different one catches my eye each time I go up or down, struggling to carry washing, toys, crockery or most likely a child or two.

Some show the passing of time, such as, my ten year old niece blowing out three candles on her birthday cake, my crazy cat curled up on my lap when he was no bigger than my hand or pictures of Mini Mck before he could walk, talk or even sit.

Others take me back to a life that I hardly recognise, a beautiful view of a far away holiday, Mckdaddy and I looking younger and thinner and definitely less tired than we do now, or a gossipy, cackly holiday with best friends, photos full of laughs, drinks and cigarettes.

The memories and the photos are full of people, some I see often, others that are at the end of the phone or e-mail and some, like my Grandad, looking handsome and proud at my brother’s wedding, who are no longer here.

Some have been chosen purely because they capture a perfect moment or a happy memory, others because they are a beautiful photo. You know the ones, where as soon as the shutter has closed, you know it’s going to be a good one.

Each photo on these walls is a happy memory, but to choose them all would be cheating and so my happy memory for this week’s Gallery is the making of our photo wall.

A project revived, after the remains of our photo wall from our last house had been in a box for four years. Revived in order to take our minds off the coming and going of Nano Mck’s due date. Happy afternoons spent sifting through folders of photos, choosing the best ones and taking a detour into nostalgia and reminiscing.

Twenty Four hours after hanging the last frame Nano Mck was born, ready to jostle his way onto the photo wall, something I am sure he will have no trouble doing.

This post is part of The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. Click on the lens cup for more great words and images. 


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