Breaking my own blogging rule

I am about to break my one and only rule of blogging, which is not to blog about blogging, but it is for a good cause. A last ditch effort to get me writing again as I appear to have ‘dried up’

There are certain things you must never do. One is to say or write that you have mastered some part of parenting, such as potty training, sleeping or a fussy eater. You can be sure that if you do your child will stop doing the thing you’ve spent weeks trying to encourage or will go back by about two months.

Another is that you should never admit that you are in a really good place with your blog, are happy writing about what you want and you are feeling free and easy about your style and subjects. If you do you will find yourself suddenly self -concious, particularly if the people you admit this too agree they’ve noticed the difference too and are enjoying your posts.


Just after Nano was born I found that the words were flowing freely and I was really enjoying what I was doing and writing, but the realisation that people are reading, especially those who I really like and respect must have freaked me out a little, as ever since I’ve been utterly self-concious and unable to get my thoughts onto the page.

Either that or the realisation that even with an incredibly easy baby I am still destined to be knackered for the next few years and therefore am lucky when I manage to string a sentence together, let alone a blog post.

So, from now on I am going to get back to that relaxed state of blogging. I’d love you to read it, I’d love you to comment on it and most of all I want you to enjoy it, but regardless of any of that I shall be writing it anyway.


5 thoughts on “Breaking my own blogging rule

  1. Bravo! Love your honesty, we could all do with a dose of that. I often get in to the Black Hole of Blogging and when i do, I stop. I just stop blogging. I don't wring my hands about it or make an announcement, I just stop until the urge to write becomes so overwhelming that I dive back in again. If it's a chore to write, it's a chore to read…that's my golden rule. And life is too short for unnecessary chores! Hope the 'urge' returns soonest xx

  2. I did what you said. I avoided the urge to read the blog of someone I don't like and came to the blog of someone I do like. My conscience is clean. You'd better keep it up now, otherwise I'll have to go back to those other ones…

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