Review: A little bit of half-term DIY

Mckdaddy has been embarking on some DIY recently and so when Mini Mck had the opportunity to try out the BigJigs Carpenter Set, we jumped at the chance.

At two and a half Mini Mck’s play often takes the form of copying and role play, which is not a problem when he is ‘helping’ to clean the bathroom or wash the floor, but when heavy lump hammers and large screwdrivers are being picked up as soon as you put them down it can be rather dangerous, both for him and the furniture.

The tool kit hadn’t arrived for the first day of our current project, which involved knocking a brick fireplace off the wall, taking up a hearth and re-plastering and his constant attempts to help with ‘hammanming’ became a bit wearing on Mckdaddy’s patience.

However by day two,, had sent us this fantastic wooden tool set, consisting of twelve lovely wooden tools in a carry case, which has already been on several outings with us, including the supermarket.

I only have two very tiny complaints about this lovely set. The first is that the opening catches on the box are a little fiddly and not very robust, even for me, let alone a toddler and that it is impossible to remember how everything goes back into the box. It’s like a nice, little puzzle for adults to grapple with at the end of the day!

However, Mini Mck has no complaints at all and absolutely loves this set, not only to help Mckdaddy, but also when playing many of his other imaginative games, which tend to involve broken down trucks, cars, lorries… get the picture, I’m sure.

I often have him run through to me from his game shouting “Mummy, I need my tools, I need my tools”.

Thank you to for providing us with the toolset to review. All the words and opinions are my own (and Mini Mck’s, of course)


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