One hour

The biggest difference between having one child and two is the total lack of time I have with the younger one when he is a baby. When Mini Mck was six weeks old we did a baby massage course, followed by a post-natal yoga class and then a baby yoga course (twice) and amongst that we started swimming too. It was quite a social whirlwind.

I didn’t feel any pressure to do those things, but simply enjoyed them and in between sessions would do the yoga and massage at home to fill those long newborn hours. I loved spending time concentrating on my new baby, I just didn’t really appreciate what a luxury it was.

Yet with Nano Mck it seems that the days and months have passed in a blur. I have hardly had time to take a breath and he is already five months old. He is so content and smiley, happy to fit in with what we are doing (he prefers at least one nap in his cot, but he manages without if necessary) and able to be left kicking on his baby gym or watching the chaos from a chair.

At the end of each day, while Mckdaddy is reading to Mini Mck, I snuggle up with Nano on my bed and feed him. I often look down at him and think “I feel as if I’ve hardly looked at you today.” It makes me feel sad.

So, I have finally done something about it. Every Friday for six weeks Nano and I are returning to the same yoga class I did two years ago with his older brother. After taking Mini Mck to Mini Monkey Gym I leave him with my Mum, have time for a coffee somewhere and a feed for Nano and then we have an hour of bliss.

This hour has become so precious. I get to sing songs to my baby and make lots of eye contact, while at the same time stretching my tired muscles and taking some deep breaths. It has become a little oasis of calm in an otherwise frantic and busy week.

When I think about Fridays, I think of my special time with my baby and so when Tara asked us to record something from our lives on 11/11/11, I couldn’t choose anything else. The photos are not the greatest I have ever taken, but they represent some special moments that I have managed to squeeze into my week. So, thank you Tara for making me record these ordinary, yet important moments.

Before and after baby yoga

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11 thoughts on “One hour

  1. Oh I know that feeling! My big 3 were so close together that it was bonkers and the babyhoods of nos 2 and 3 flew by. I think I enjoyed (and enjoy) my Bonus Boy so much because I am taking time to be with him and to look and to cherish these little years! Lovely pics of your little man and I am so glad you are making time to do this! x

  2. It's so hard to split your time evenly between your children. I had a case of jealous older sibling until I explained to him that as 1st born he had my undivided attention!I love the sleepy picture!!

  3. I felt the same when I had my second. My eldest recently asked where the photos were of him sitting in the baby nest. There are none because he sat with me constantly. The youngest had to sit and watch a lot of the time. Good for you for arranging that hour x

  4. I know exactly what you mean, my little girl hasn't even been in the pool yet and I was taking my son to swimming lessons when he was 6wks old! It's lovely that you're getting to spend a little time together each week. Your little boy is so cute too!

  5. Aww lovely that you get to spend that time together. I feel like I missed out on a lot of alone time with my second but now that eldest is at nursery, I get to be with her alone for 2 and a half hours which is lovely.

  6. I know exactly what you mean about not spending the one on one time that you had with your first born as you do with your second (or third). Poor Wee One just has to fit in with everyone else.

  7. I have been meaning to reply to this but kept forgetting! This post struck a chord with me. Throughout the entirity of Jensons life i have felt guilt. I feel bad that i dont get the one on one time that i enjoyed with Burton and the falling asleep together for naps etc.. But then i also have felt guilty to Burton especially in the early weeks of having Jenson that i was not paying him enough attention when i was breast feeding so much. And i feel guilty to them both that i am so tired that maybe i am not doing enough with them full stop !!Its hard isnt it? I hope the massage group goes well x

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