The Gallery – Proud

The funny thing about The Gallery is that I may not do it for months, but once I jump back in, I want to do it week after week. This week’s prompt from Tara is “Something I am proud of”

I am not the photographer in our family, Mckdaddy is. This is why you will find lots of pictures of the children and of me and the children, but very few of the man of the house. He has worked in a camera shop and for a photographer in the past and so knows his way around an SLR. My attempts usually pale in comparison.

However, I am improving. With a few pointers from Mckdaddy and lots and lots of practice I am starting to get some photos that I am really proud of. I’m still totally confused by the jargon and which way the numbers go for aperture, but I can frame a shot and often know when I’ve got it.

As soon as I took this set of photos I knew they were going to be good, even before I looked at the preview screen. I just love how they are both looking at the camera and smiling, happy to be near each other. I used this shot on the blog before, but it is still my absolute favourite photo of the year and I took it.

That makes me proud.


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