Crochet for beginners

I learned to knit about three or four years ago and now it’s in my bones. I feel confident with it and even though I’m no longer a beginner, I still find that I can push my skills and try new things. However, just recently my head has been turned and fancy trying something new.

I have been inspired by some gorgeous hooky blogs and have been assured by many Twitter friends that crochet is easy and once you get going is much quicker to work than knitting.

I taught myself to knit entirely from a book, with some help from You Tube more recently for some more advanced techniques, so I’ve decided to do the same this time. So, armed with a couple of books, some You Tube tutorials some yarn, a hook and, thankfully, some lovely help from Twitter I have begun my education.

So far, it has felt very strange and alien to my hands. I have forgotten what it is like to not even know how to hold the yarn, what it feels like to have to think of every stitch as I do it and how slow this makes progress. Knitting comes so naturally to me now and I can almost feel new pathways forming in my brain as I struggle to make my hands work in a new way. I can’t wait until it becomes a case of muscle memory

I’ll keep you updated with my progress, but for now here is my first ever piece of hooking (I shan’t tell you how long this tiny patch took!)


6 thoughts on “Crochet for beginners

  1. Oh well done! Looks good x that nicki trench book is fab. The stich n bitch one is ok but you end up learning how to hold yarn the American way and American crochet terms (which are totally different than British ones!) good luck xx

  2. Well, it looks like a good start to me. I am the opposite. I can crochet well, but it would take me just as long to knit a piece like that. LOL!

  3. Oh I used to love crotchet! I got high marks for it at school. I took it up again a couple of years ago but my tension was rubbish and I'd gotten really slow. You're making me want to start again. Maybe I'll try a hat for the baby… I love the name of that book!

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