The great pre-school hunt & phone phobia

I would describe myself as reasonably articulate and intelligent and not lacking in confidence and yet I hate talking on the phone. I don’t mean chatting to friends, I mean grown up, admin type conversations. Whether I’m trying to compare car insurance, get a new mortgage deal or persuade my mobile phone company to do me a good deal, I will put it off as long as possible or preferably try to persuade Mckdaddy to make the call.

My latest phone related activity I am putting off is contacting potential pre-schools for Mini Mck to attend. At two and a half I think he is ready for some activity without me and I think I am ready for a little break from him to. Although judging by my tears after just one morning of phoning around I’m not completely convinced that the latter is true.

Ideally I wanted him to attend for just one session a week and also had no idea of the difference between pre-school and nursery. It seems the former is loads cheaper, just operates in term-time and is shorter sessions. However, because I didn’t know this I started by phoning nurseries and became quite demoralised by a couple of unfriendly people on the other end of the phone.

It seems that one session a week is not the done thing as it is harder for the child to settle. I actually still don’t think it would be a problem for Mini Mck, but seeing as pre-school sessions are shorter anyway I don’t necessarily object to two sesssions a week anyway.

Even after getting over this hurdle though I still haven’t had a second attempt at finding him a place. It all just seems so onerous. Before I even pick up the phone I need to check the location. Then when I finally do speak to someone it seems they are all full and even if they aren’t I still need to go and see them, preferably without Mini Mck as I don’t want to confuse him.

So, after a feeble attempt one morning to get this sorted, nothing has happened for at least a month and it’s not like I can get Mckdaddy to do it, as the calls need to be made during the day. What I really need is a website called http://www.MummyLimited’

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