Six Months

Dear Nano Mck

This post should really be called seven months, because that is what you are. Unfortunately you half year birthday fell on the 1st December, when Operation Christmas started and as I was so unorganised this year, there was a lot to do.

I cannot believe that six months has passed already and it makes me a little sad, but there are many joys to make up for it. You are becoming so responsive and really starting to do more, showing your personality to the world more and more each day.

I guess it is inevitable that you are compared to your brother. I can’t say I’m happy about that, even though I find myself doing it. I don’t think it is fair to either of you that you are compared so much and so I want to record some things that are just you. They are not a comparison, as honestly there is so much from your brother’s early days that I just do not remember. I didn’t have a blog then and I guess that is what it is here for.

You have a noise that is reserved just for me. It is a cross between a giggle and a cry and the hungrier you are the more like a cry it is. I love this time when a baby really belongs to it’s mother. I know this is selfish, but there will be plenty of time for you to be a Daddy’s boy or think that I am dull and naggy. For now, I shall cherish that you have a noise of delight that you only make for me.

The skin on your cheek is so soft, it is like a velvet pillow, plumped on a bed. Your colouring is so different to my own that I find it fascinating. It is pale, porcelain like. I look at the contrast of our arms when I am feeding you and find it hard to believe we are connected. My olive nutty brown skin against the most delicate creamy white.

Gorgeous babygro from (not sponsored, I just love them.)

You are calm and happy nearly all the time. I rarely hear you properly cry, a little grizzle perhaps when you are tired or hungry. When you are tired you prefer to be left alone in a quiet, dark room and I find this hard. I can’t rock you to sleep or cuddle you until you drift off, sometimes if tired and hungry come at the same time I can feed you to sleep, but mostly I have to put you down in your cot awake. A blessing when you are happy, but hard when you are not.

You love to cuddle. When I pick you up you snuggle into my body, resting you head under my chin and moulding yourself to me completely. It amazes me that before you can walk, talk, eat or even crawl, you know how to cuddle. Finding comfort is just instinctive.

You adore your brother and despite his screechy loudness and boisterousness towards you, he is, as far as you are concerned the funniest thing you have ever encountered. He is equally obsessed with you and the more positive interaction he gets from you the stronger your relationship is becoming.

Your smile is brilliant. You have practised it a great deal. You wrinkle your nose and your eyes crease at the edges. It is lopsided and it almost looks as though you are winking.

In short, you are a joy and I am lucky.


6 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. How lovely. A real pleasure to read – I feel that I know him. I can empathise with the mother-baby bond, although I'm now so pleased to have moved on to Daddy time. Those were happy days. I see you haven't turned the comments on on the previous post, but a couple of things – the Ofsted website orders places by proximity to your postcode, which is handy. And what are your local friends doing? This, I think, is the best indicator of where's a good pre-school. And tbh I agree with them on two mornings rather than one. I hope you get something sorted soon. Email them?

  2. Hi Kirsty, thanks for commenting. Actually since that last post I totally agree about 2 days. Almost overnight he's become much less confident with being left with others. A couple of times he's refused to go with my Dad for the morning when he's always been happy before. OH is a teacher he's done all the ofsted stuff & sent me the links. As far as friends go as we are in a busy area everyone uses something different & from their choices don't think they've looked at ofsted.

  3. Gosh I really am behind in commenting on this! Anyway, I do love this post, and the way in which you are appreciating his baby days. You put me to shame some times, and make me stop and try to appreciate the small things that make our babies so wonderful. I must say that is a very lovely blanket that he is lying on in front of the mirror.

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