I want to…..

There are not enough hours in the day. That is a cliché that we hear so often and I beg to differ. When you are at home with two children under the age of 3 there are many, long, interminable hours, filled with snacks, drinks, feeds, naps, mess and hundreds of activities that keep toddlers amused for roughly ten minutes. Frankly I have more than enough hours in my day, however what I don’t have are enough hours in my evening.

Mckdaddy and I eat with the children and so after that is done and we’ve had a reasonably leisurely bedtime with them, it is already 7:30pm. I like my sleep, in fact I need my sleep and so if I had my way I’d be snoozing by 9:30 or maybe ten o’clock.

That gives me roughly two hours and I want to…

Write a blog, a proper one with lovely words and beautiful pictures.
Read blogs, comment on them, save the great ideas I see on them.
Read all the books that are piling up by my bed and I mean more than the two pages I manage before falling asleep.
Languish in a gorgeous bath and then have time to dry and straighten my stupidly long and thick hair afterwards.
Talk to Mckdaddy
Watch TV
Answer e-mails and write new ones to friends I don’t catch up with enough
Paint my nails
Chat to my friends
Do some Yoga
Do some exercise*

and still sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep.

There really just aren’t enough hours in the evening to do all that and so I end up watching rubbish TV and falling asleep.

*actually I don’t want to do this one, but it’s January and I’m about a stone overweight so I really should pretend that I do want to do this.


19 thoughts on “I want to…..

  1. Yep, I hear you, every night I dream of doing all those things but in reality I flop front of the tv about 9pm and go on twitter, I think I need a regular power cut and maybe I'd start getting things done albeit by candlelight

  2. Ugh. I hear you. My brood are a different age to yours and for me it is just non-stop from when we get home at three thirty until I finally wrangle the eldest two to bed at nine. I get two and a half whole hours to myself every afternoon now and at first, I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. But I quickly grabbed this time for myself to do all those things that I can't fit into the evenings.

  3. I remember that SO well, I'd stay up far too late just because the child free evening was so precious. It's one of the worst bits of tiny children, the feeling that you'll never get to read that book, start that project, see your friends. Life gets SO much better once they start school. And then you miss the little buggers.

  4. I am with Victoria on this one, all of a sudden when Preschool starts you do get some time and you miss them like crazy. Until then it can be really hard to find me time, or even worse couple time

  5. The thought of six hours away from him when he starts nursery is just so fantastic, but when the nursery manager starting talking about him going FIVE mornings a week I nearly sobbed

  6. And that is why I stay up to stupid late hours like midnight just to try to cram things in….and still feel like I don't do enough! I need more sleep though so need to find a way to be more efficient 🙂

  7. Totally agree! I am never in bed any later than 10pm (unless a special occasion) yet there are times when I wish I could just have the time to lay in the bath! Youngest starts 2 mornings at nursery after Easter so like @mostlyyummy I am intending to use those 6 hours for ME!!!

  8. I too have no clue how to fit everything into the few hours I have in the evening. Especially without the other half feeling a tad neglected!

  9. I have so many things I want to do. I should probably write them down so that when I do actually have a free window of time (not something that happens very often) I could actually put it to good use. When I first got my Kindle I was reading loads more, but that's really tailed off again. Must rectify.

  10. Hello! I know exactly how you feel. I work f/t too so feel I am always behind on something. My list is very similar to yours but most nights am drooling on the sofa in front of the tv by 9pm, bed shortly after!

  11. I have 3 boys from 6 months to 9 years old and my time is totally taken up by them, taking them to clubs all week long, keeping them occupied at home with doing crafts and trying to teach my 4 year old to read. There are many things I wish I could but when I do have spare time, I'm so tired I end up sleeping.Thank you for popping by my blog today 🙂

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