Homemade Limoncello or Italy in a glass

We made sure that any gifts we gave at Christmas were home-made, partly due to lack of funds, but also because I think we all get tired of receiving yet another book/DVD/bath salt set and I like to think that home-made Christmas gifts mean a little more.

Without doubt the most successful creation this year has been our Limoncello, which we managed to make enough of to be able to keep some for ourselves. It really is fabulous and everyone I’ve mentioned it to since has asked for the recipe, which I am happy to share with you, as long as you don’t tell anyone how easy it is. You lucky, lucky people. 
Makes about 1 litre
Keeps for around a year
Zest 6 lemons and use the juice from 2 of them. Add them to 750ml of vodka (any old cheap stuff will do) in a large kilner jar. Leave for about a week, stirring every couple of days.
Dissolve 450g sugar with 400ml water and leave to cool. Stir into the vodka/lemon mixture and leave for another 10 days. 
Strain into bottles and keep in the freezer

(We are found it goes a little thick in the freezer so remove maybe 15mins before drinking.

Taste this and close your eyes and you could be sitting in a piazza in Italy watching the world go by. Make it. I promise it is awesome. 

10 thoughts on “Homemade Limoncello or Italy in a glass

  1. OMG I LOVE Limoncello.Thanks so much for sharing – I made all my vodka into christmas Pudding flavoured vodka, which was lush, but doesn't exactly have the same all year round appeal!

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