The Gallery – Me right now…or rather then

It’s Friday afternoon, Nano is asleep and I have relented and put Cars 2 on for Mini Mck again. Seeing as it’s Friday, I decide that for once I’m not going to use this time to do boring domestic chores. I make a cup of tea in my gorgeous, new, flowery cup and saucer (and yes it does taste nicer!) and sit down with my boy, snuggled under a blanket for a bit of crafty blog reading.

That is when I discovered Tara’s latest torture, also known as this week’s Gallery theme, inspired by the Instagram meme ‘#merightnow’,which asks that you post a photo of yourself at that, actual moment. The title kind of gives it away. Asking for a unplanned photo of the actual moment you were reading the post is a little cruel, but not being one to shy away from challenge, here it is:

However, you can be sure that if I’m being asked to post a no make-up, 4:30pm hair shot, I am damn well going to put a flattering filter on it!

For more snapshots of #merightnow, click on the lens cup. I hope nobody has cheated.

27 thoughts on “The Gallery – Me right now…or rather then

  1. you wake up so early! i hope I can do that too. i am contemplating waking early in the morning. you are amazing in your early morning photo. expect me having a sleepy face or probably in bed at 4.30 am. 😀 that would be a not so pretty photo of me!

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