The strangeness of time and trains

Someone once told me that life with small children can be summed up by saying that the days are long and the years are short. I often think of this, as I look at my nearly three year old I gasp at how big he seems and and for Nano, I am permanently in shock that he is now eight months old, always asking, how did that happen?

I read the most brilliant piece on motherhood this week, if you have five minutes please give it a read. I promise it will lift your day and will stay with you long after the laptop has been shut down. The upshot of it was, that there are two kinds of time when you are parenting. Chronos time, which is real, often laborious, seemingly never-ending child wrangling time and the other is Kairos time. This is those moments that are outside of normal time, that stand out and are fleeting, but precious. It resonated with me and I have begun to notice those Kairos moments ever since, but they are easily forgotten again and at the end of the day I am more likely to survey the chaos or relay to Mckdaddy tales of tantrums and shouting.

That’s sad, don’t you think?

I am going to try harder to remember those moments, the things that make me stop and smile. The things about my children that are so in the now, they will be lost as they grow and change and I have the perfect place to record these moments. So, here is one from this week.

I am in the dining room, doing something with Nano. I can’t remember what it is, even though it was only days ago, but it involved kneeling on the floor. Mini Mck is bumbling about around us.

Suddenly I hear “Look, Mummy! Look, Nano! I made a train with yots (lots) of cad-geez (carriages)”

Yes, my darling boy, you certainly did.

A train of flotsom & jetsom

I am linking this post to Chris’s ‘Things they say’ feature. An opportunity to cherish those little things. Click the link for some more joyful moments.


11 thoughts on “The strangeness of time and trains

  1. Just gorgeous! You are so right, it can be such hard work sometimes and we feel so tired all of the time, that it is easy to miss the sweetest most gorgeous little things. Time goes so quickly, I still can't believe my baby is now 2.5yrs old!

  2. Wonderful. I know what you mean about the moments – whenever people ask me when and where I was happiest, I try and remember that joy happens every day, in small moments, if you're looking.

  3. Their imaginations are just so incredible at this age, aren't they? This evening, Ez was sat on the carpet making imprints with the top of her cup. When I asked what she was doing, she told me she was making biscuits. And then passed me one to taste.

  4. I read the same article but I cannot remember those two words and it frustrates me like you wouldn't believe. But I do try and mark those moments in my mind when I can.Piran is going through a phase of using food to play with. So once he is bored of eating his potatoes and carrots become cars and trains and get driven all over the place.

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