Bedtime stories & the transformation of ‘The Black Hole’

Reading Mini Mck his bedtime story is one of my favourite things to do. Mckdaddy and I are both happy to do it, always choosing that over finishing any end of day tasks like loading the dishwasher. I love to cuddle up on Mini’s bed and have him snuggle up to me while I read one of our favourites. However, childrens beds can get a little cramped so we decided it was time to upgrade him to a full size single bed.

I didn’t quite appreciate how big a proper bed was, or because Mini Mck had always had childrens bedroom furniture, I hadn’t realised how little his room was. Suddenly the nightly bedtime story wasn’t such a pleasant experience. The room seemed full of bed, furniture and mess. It just seemed dark, dingy and disorganised. We felt penned in.

Eventually I would love him to have a cabin bed as it will give him so much more space, but as he isn’t even 3 yet and has only just recovered from a broken arm I think that perhaps he’s a little young. So, for the third time in as many years we decorated the room. We’d planned to ship the children to my Dad’s for the day, but snow and a poorly toddler put a stop to that. Instead we did as much as we could with the help of Cbeebies, it’s amazing how much you can achieve when you have to get the room back to some kind of order in time for bedtime.

We started by painting the walls white to lighten the room and make it seem bigger, we finally got around to sorting the storage and clothes in the room, meaning that a large chest of drawers could be taken out completely. We moved shelves so that the bed could be moved as well and finally hung new lighter, brighter curtains.

The difference is amazing. I really want his bedroom to be somewhere that he enjoys spending time, a space for him to play, grow and learn and now it is. There is room to move some toys upstairs and we can again snuggle up for the bedtime story in comfort. You may find me laying down with him for a quick cuddle and a chat after the story has finished or even offering just one more book.

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