The Big Reveal – Bits and bobs

I vowed this year that I would blog any creative projects as I finished them and have decided to even show you the ones that haven’t turned out quite so well. There are plenty of beautiful craft blogs and I am sure that those bloggers only produce perfect works, unfortunately I am not one of them and so to prove that even an experienced knitter can have projects that fall a little flat, I’m including everything.

I have been finishing off lots off little projects just recently, things that have been hanging around for a while and I wanted to get completed before I started anything else. They are all finally done and apart from the ‘cable knit cushion that never ends,’ I have everything finished.

I am terrible at finishing things off. I am not good at sewing things together and projects can hang around simply waiting to be blocked for weeks. I get to a certain point and then stop, so it’s been satisfying to get these things done.

First up is a cardigan that I made for Nano Mck. I really wanted him to have a navy cardigan as am not keen on the baby pastel colours that he has. Unfortunately, my head got turned by my first crochet project, added to which this piece has come up very small anyway, despite me knitting a swatch. Something very strange happened with the button holes as well, there should be three, but the third one is far too close to the the neck and so I have just not put a button there. Goodness knows what I did wrong.

Needless to say Nano has already grown too big for this and so I shall have to pack it away and hope that we have another small person one day to wear it. However, I do love this yarn and the other piece I used it for turned out really well. You will have to wait for a peek of that though, as I want to show it off with it’s very cute owner.

Next up was a really easy project for a friend who has just started knitting and has taken on the task of knitting a blanket of squares. However, she has chosen teeny tiny yarn that is knitted on teeny tiny needles and it is going to take her years. She has now farmed a few squares out to friends and I love the idea that in her finished project she will have some parts knitted by others. A kind of friendship blanket. For that reason it was a real pleasure to complete this for her and it needed very little finishing off. I do still need to post it though.

So, that’s all my little bits and bobs finished off, meaning that today I was able to start on my very exciting new project, more of which in another post. There’s nothing more lovely than a cup of tea and a new crafty endeavour.


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