I love my kitchen. It was a horror when we moved in, but after being here two years we finally got around to gutting in and replacing everything. Mckdaddy did much of the work with my Dad and as with many projects in our house there were bits to finish off, including building something to hide the electric box and wires.

My Dad house and cat sat for us in the summer and as a birthday present for us he built a lovely cupboard to cover the mess, so not only did it look neat but we had even more storage. He worried that we would think his surprise was interfering and dull, but we both loved it and it spurred us to put up some more shelves and finish off some other bits. It also prompted us to redecorate and on a whim I decided that one of the walls should be pink.

Since then I’ve been collecting things to go up on the wall and making sure that anything on these particular shelves are not only functional but look good too and I’ve not done too badly. I thought I’d show you what I’ve found.

The fairy lights went up for Christmas, but I decided I liked them and as snowflakes they aren’t completely Christmas only things, I left them up. I’m thinking of finding some that are more suitable for Spring and Summer.

 I had the idea of a ‘cupcake gallery’ of cakes I’d made ages ago and so with that in mind I’ve been taking pictures of the most pretty ones for a couple of years. I just hadn’t got around to doing anything with them.

 These are my most recent and possibly favourite aquisition. My mum happened to give me some old recipes that had belonged to my Nana, in her handwriting and amongst them were some magazine cutting and these beauties. They are Ministry of Food leaflets from 1949 about preserving and pickling. Aren’t they just fabulous?

The clock is a recent purchase from IKEA and the scales and tala measuring tin, on the top shelf are inherited from Mckdaddy’s Grandmother. I really must invest in some metric weights as Mini Mck finds using these scales fascinating. The only fly in the ointment are the tins on the bottom right. I’ve had them for a couple of years and use them for tea, coffee and sugar, but I no longer think they fit. I have plans though, so watch this space.


8 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Oh my word! I'm completely in love but then, you knew I would be! What an amazing find with the leaflets. They are perfect! Absolutely love the pink, the shelves, the fairy lights.. Everything! Love love love 🙂

  2. Just clicked to comment and my first words were going to be 'oh my word'! but i see Mostly yummy mummy has already said that! I think this wall is fabulous and I love it! I have two shelves in my kitchen that I am not going to rearrange to make it look like this! I think the tins on the bottom right fit right in (you can always send them to me if you're still not happy with them!) love it x

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