The things they say and do: The caring edition

It is a theme that I seem to be returning a lot lately; the idea that days spent with small children is made up of hundreds of tiny moments, stitched together. It occurred to me again this week as I found myself amidst two crying children, one of which had a very smelly nappy. Only a few moments earlier I had been thinking how harmonious everything was, both my boys playing happily, on their own while I pottered about in the kitchen. It was fleeting, but it happened.

Doing their own thing

Mini Mck is a boisterous bull of a child and this is often taken out on his younger, almost infinitely patient brother. He pushes and squashes and grabs. Some days all I seem to do is tell him to get off or leave Nano alone. Once again though, stitched into this are moments of caring and gentleness that make my heart flip and I wanted to remember some from last week.

Doing our shopping in the ‘new improved’ Morrisons, which translates as smaller aisles, more rubbish on the shelves that I don’t need and less of the stuff I do need. I am exasperated.

Me: Ack, grrrr

Mini: What’s up Mummy, are you alright?

Me: I’m fine poppet, I just don’t like new Morrisons

Mini: I yove new Morrisons. You yove new Morrisons too, Mummy. Mummy, you got to be happy. Be happy Mummy

Me: I am happy *melts*

On waking from his nap Nano is grizzling. Mini Mck insists on accompanying me to get him.

Mini: Let me see him Mummy, let me see him. It’s OK Nano, it’s alright, we’re here. We’re here to look after you. *kisses him, cuddles him and strokes his arm*

It’s Friday afternoon and I am strapping Mini Mck into his car seat after being at Mini Monkey Gym

Mini: Mum, I yove you so much.

He puts his arms up and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I melt again.

I am linking this post up to the delightful ‘Things they say and do’ over at Thinly Spread. Click to read more heart-warming and funny stories about the little people.


5 thoughts on “The things they say and do: The caring edition

  1. This post has made me smile, I feel the same way, one moment you are surrounded by sweet adorable children and then there's suddenly chaos and then they switch back to delightful!

  2. How gorgeous! Those lovely little things they say really do make up for the rest… We (I) just needed to be reminded to listen out for them sometimes!

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