A short list of things I wish to tell my pre-child self

1) You will know tiredness that you never imagined possible, but you will get through it and in surprising good humour, most of the time, especially for someone who likes a good solid eight hours sleep. Oh, and you will consider 7:30am to be a lie in

2) The thing you will miss most will not be nights out, the ability to stay awake beyond 11pm or fantastic holidays, it will be, being in your house completely and utterly alone, without even a sleeping child in it. It will happen rarely so enjoy it while you can.

3) After children you will be able to achieve a phenomenal amount in a short space of time when someone takes them off you hands. Whereas it used to take you all morning to clean the house, you will be able to achieve the same thing in and hour and a half, with a coffee break. It will highlight how much you could have achieved while you still had the time and freedom to do so. So, get up and DO STUFF NOW.

4) You desire to shop does not disappear once you have kids. In fact, if anything it gets worse, because not only will you still covert handbags and shoes for yourself, but you head will be turned by children’s clothes, children’s shoes and children’s bedroom furniture and decor. You will even find yourself hankering after children’s desks before they can even write. Start saving now.

5) Despite what you think now, you will have babies and they will be perfect.

6) People will buy your kids too much stuff, too many toys and books that you will not want to read over and over again, but will be required to. Be strict, be ruthless and start de-cluttering your stuff now, there will be no room for it once they arrive.

7) Nursing bras are horrid, even the nice ones. Enjoy your lingerie now.

8) You have never experienced unconditional love before and it is a rather odd feeling. It is totally different to anything you have known before. The knowledge that no matter what they do you will always love them totally and utterly. At first it really is quite scary.

9)  Learn to never go anywhere empty handed. Once you have children, nothing will be in the room that it is supposed to be and once they are toddlers you will constantly find random items of clothing discarded all over the place. On the other hand you will never keep up with it all, so you may as well get used to it quickly.

10) Sometimes it will be hard and awful, but most of the time it will be amazing and brilliant. It will always be too quick, so enjoy it.

With thanks to Victoria for her ‘Short list of things…’ series.

This post contains sponsored links, but the words are all mine.


4 thoughts on “A short list of things I wish to tell my pre-child self

  1. So true all of them. Especially the bit about being able to get so much stuff done in such a short space of time post children. What did I do all day before I had kids?

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