Nine months

Dear Nano Mck

I should really start one of these posts with something other than my amazement at how quickly your first year is going, but I am struggling to do so. It really is speeding past and the next update post I write will be for your birthday. I am not ready for that. The speed with which you are changing is not slowing down at all and when I think back to my last post to you, I realise how different you are now.

You started crawling properly on the 28th February, after a couple of months of happily getting about by dragging yourself commando style. You have already moved on to pulling yourself up to standing on the furniture and you are particularly attracted to the table that houses the telephone and internet box. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the crawling stage, it’s so frustrating for you as you want to be on the move, even when we are out and about and I have to be so careful about anything being on the floor. I felt the same with your brother. So, if you could just move onto walking , that’d be great – thanks.

Seven months

You now have four teeth and now you have started teething they are pushing out all at once. You are suffering and it is the one thing that has ruffled your calmness, making you grouchy and out of sorts. I wish there was more that I could do for you, but I am limited. It will be over soon enough and we will all forget the pain you feel now. You are still not sleeping through the night and I am hoping that when these teeth calm down you will start to do so. Nine months is a long time (what am I talking about, nine months?! I haven’t slept properly since 2009)

Eight months

You are a man of few words, or at least noises and you are usually pretty quiet, although I have noticed a really adorable squeak that you make when frustrated or excited, it’s hard to tell which it is sometimes. I guess it is hard to get a word in when you spend your days with two talkers.  As with everything else I imagine you will decide one day to make you voice heard and then will not stop.

Nine months

You still adore you crazy brother and the noisier the game the funnier you find it. You love it when we rush at you making roaring sounds and you love to play tumble time with Mini Mck and Mckdaddy. He adores you too, although is finding it frustrating that you can now get to his toys and mess up whatever game he is playing. He’ll soon learn.

The thing that still shines from you is the how joyful you find everything. You LOVE everything. You love eating, but you also love crawling and standing and bouncing. You love sleeping, but you also love rough and tumble and noisy games. You love having a bath and you still love being cuddled. I can think of very little that you don’t love, except perhaps broccoli and teething. 


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