Mummy Limited’s Ye Olde bad day remedies

Yesterday I needed a little pick me up. I have a horrid cold and a day that started with lots of potential didn’t work out quite as I expected. Expectations are a very dangerous business.

So I painted my toenails bright red and they looked so pretty that I took a photo and tweeted it. It turns out I’m not the only one that thinks this is the perfect way to lift your mood and one or two followers indulged themselves too. I admit it’s not going to solve life’s big problems, but it will put a smile on your face when you have a mild case of the glums and so might these.


Open Twitter, but don’t lurk and don’t tweet and sit back to wait for people to interact with you. It’s immediate banter and connection with the outside world that you need, so jump in and have a chat with whoever happens to be around. After my tweeted toe picture yesterday I chatted to various people about toes, graze boxes and dining room tables. It was just enough to make me smile and take my brain away from thinking about my poor day.


Yes, yes I know what I just said in the paragraph above, but if you really can’t jump in for a bit of light hearted banter then social media can make you feel quite isolated and self-concious. If this is the case turn it off, hide your phone for an hour or so and get away from the screen. Read a book, go for a walk

Go outside

 I have a friend who always tells me to go outside when I’m having a bad day, especially with the children. I never really feel like I want to and as much as I hate to admit it she is right. I always return to the house a much happier person…..and so do the children, but what if it’s raining.

Turn to the University of Pixar

Make a cup of tea, grab some snacks and a blanket and snuggle under it, preferably with a small person. There is very little that an hour or so in the company of Mike Wacowski or Buzz Lightyear can’t improve. If nothing else your small person will probably be still and quiet, which is always a bonus.

Paint your nails red

 I suppose you could choose another colour if you really wanted to, but honestly I think the mood enhancing effect would  be diminished somewhat. As @frecklefrolics said: “There is very little that tops the feeling of freshly painted harlot toenails. 


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