The small things

After reading a number of excellent posts about the small things that make people happy, including the one that started it all from ‘Is there a Plan B’ I have found that the small things have been popping into my head all week, so I thought I would share them. These are the small things that make life easier and better

Having my mid morning coffee outside, washing on the line, using fresh herbs from the garden, eating anything that we have grown, shopping at my local market, a fresh bunch of daffodils each week which are on offer 2 for ยฃ1, other people smiling at Mini Mck’s happy chatter.

Drinking from a favourite cup. Mini Mck saying thank you without being prompted or taking his shoes off and putting them away when we get home, freshly washed sheets and pyjamas, the perfect poached egg, my Birkenstocks, Mckdaddy sending me a message mid run to spur me on to the end, getting a much waited for DVD from Lovefilm, my wardrobe being full of clothes the day after I’ve done ironing, new towel Mondays.

The perfect cup of tea, especially if it’s the first one of the day, the feel of Nano as he snuggles in for a cuddles, moulding perfectly to my body, my slippers, popping on Twitter to find lots of your favourite people there for a quick chat, making and eating a nice lunch rather than eating a slice of toast standing in the kitchen, peanut M & M’s from the fridge.

A clear draining board, new shower gel, a midweek dinner with a friend, eating alone with a good book,my Project 365,  the first glass of white wine out of the bottle, chilled to the ideal temperature.

The moment just before you fall asleep, waking up naturally, getting my children to bed for 7pm (rarely happens, but nice when it does), Mini Mck’s saying ‘ackshelly’, blog comments, an email from a friend, Nano’s Baptism invitations, our photo wall, new knickers from M&S, both my children napping at the same time.

A Friday night with very few plans for the weekend – just like this one

What is the small stuff that makes you smile?


16 thoughts on “The small things

  1. Oh yes- so true!! I'm drinking from my favourite cup as we speak!. My little one saying 'Me need wite nowww' when she's being impatient is one of my favourite small things right now. Lovely post ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A perfect cup of tea is very hard to beat as are those snuggles (which I miss SO much!) and waking up naturally is heavenly! I would love to clear my ironing mountain and my draining board, I might attempt one of those this weekend *prepares pitons*

  3. Really enjoyed this blog. Marmite on toast is my top one – especially at this moment as I have a cup of tea, marmite on toast, and with my boy on a sleepover, a little bit of peace!

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