The things they say and do – The special friend edition

It took a long time for Mini Mck to become attached to a particular toy for bedtime, preferring instead a person of the parent variety to cuddle until he was asleep, but gradually he began to focus on a velvety blue rabbit, especially when we attached a dummy to his ear. The dummy has gone now, but the rabbit has remained.

This rabbit was bought for him when he was born and Mckdaddy and I named him Blue Bob, but Mini Mck had other ideas and he is now know as Momo. Sometimes Mini Mck doesn’t seem bothered if Momo is with him at night, but he is always around somewhere, often joined by various cars, planes, lorries and based on this earlier conversation he is clearly quite close to his cuddly rabbit.

Mini Mck: Momo is a blue rabbit, Mummy. He’s got byack whiskers

Me: Yes, he is. Actually he could do with a wash, he’s quite grubby don’t you think.

Mini Mck: Yes, he does need a wash

Me: I’ll pop him in the washing machine later

Mini Mck: NO Mummy, don’t put him in the washing machine

Mini Mck frowns and looks at Momo. then in his best Momo squeaky voice

Mini Mck: How bout you wash me under the tap, Mummy?

So, whilst Mini Mck was at the allotment this morning I lovingly chucked him in the washing machine washed him under the tap *cough*

I am linking this post up to Thinly Spread’s Things they say and do post. Do visit Chris for some lovely stories from this week.


6 thoughts on “The things they say and do – The special friend edition

  1. I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear! I love peeking into your world, it takes me right back. Those nappies and liners flapping happily with a scrubbed toy hanging by its ears…happy days! Thank you for sharing this one lovely xxx

  2. I love the way Momo seems to look so surprised & confused hanging up there by his ears! I'm guessing the name comes from Show Me, Show Me; would I be right?

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