My listening pleasure

I adore speech radio and especially BBC Radio 4. It is woven into my memory as I recall listening to The News Quiz or some other comedy at 6:30 in the evening with my Dad, as he made the dinner and then The Archers as we ate it.

Now, I am at home for much of the day and it entwines itself around my routine. The Today Programme as I am getting us all dressed and fed, unless the news is too horrible in which case I can rely on Radio 2 for a bit of light relief. Woman’s Hour or a quirky documentary as I try and wrangle children and complete chores. The lovely Eddie Mair talking to me as I prepare dinner, something funny as I fold washing while Mckdaddy is in charge of the children’s bath and finally The Archers as I feed Nano and put him to bed.

I love how it surprises me, the amazing range of topics that it covers is just jaw dropping. In the space of an hour I can hear a reading from an interesting new book that I never would have picked up, a political discussion, a moving interview and some history .I love the randomness. It makes me think about things and challenges me. It teaches me and makes me shout out loud when I disagree with someone or cackle when some really good comedy is on.

A friend of mine has recently started listening to Radio 4 and has totally fallen in love with it. At first she asked for recommendations, but as expected she now just stumbles upon stuff and usually tweets me about it. I often find myself listening to something and wanting to tell everyone I know to listen or catch it again on iPlayer and as I can’t ring people each time that happens I am going to tell you. An occasional series, hopefully weekly highlighting something I think you should hear. Sometimes it may be from another station, as I do flit about, but probably it will be from my old favourite. 

My recommendation this week sums up the random element and how I tend to just run into something that makes me stop in my tracks. 

The radio was on in the background on Friday morning and I started to become diverted by a documentary about some graffiti in Sheffield. The programme was called The I love you Bridge and the presenter was trying to track down the person who had written ‘Claire Middleton, I love you. Will you marry me?’ on a Sheffield bridge. A piece of graffiti that has become so famous locally,  it is to be lit up in neon. 

It doesn’t quite turn out to be the fairytale story that we might hope, but there is something about this half hour programme that I found so compelling and I never would have know about the ‘I love you Bridge’ if I hadn’t have had the radio on in the background. 

I hope you’ll give it a listen and let me know what you think or maybe you have a radio recommendation for me?


4 thoughts on “My listening pleasure

  1. I too love radio 4 and it is always on in the background at home. I listened to I Love You Bridge last while icing dinosaur biscuits for my sons birthday party, I loved how the programme took them on a rather unexpected journey, brilliant stuff.

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