Where my MADS votes are going

MAD Blog Awards 2012

It’s time to get yourself over to the MADS website and vote for your favourite parent blogs and so I thought I’d help you out by letting you know where some of my votes are going this year. There are so many excellent categories this year so I won’t cover them all, plus I like to leave a little mystery as to my voting habits. If you’re really stuck you may like to remember www.mummylimited.blogspot.com and if you look up at my lovely header you will see that I have a baby. *cough cough*

Of course, as much as you may want to, you can’t vote for me in all the categories. For example, unless you include a trip to the local library I’m not really a travel blogger. For that you need to look at Victoria’s blog, It’s a small world after all, which documents her nine month world trip with her husband and kids. It will make you want to explore the world with your family. Her writing is exquisite and you may want to consider her for your writer of the year too.  I really could read her every day, if she actually posted often enough!

Someone else I could read all day is Kat at Slugs on the Refrigerator, but she is getting my vote in the Best Photography award. I admit she is helped by the fact that she produces the most beautiful children, but she captures them and their stunning Scottish surroundings perfectly.

I admire bloggers that make me want to get up and do stuff, that inspire me and give me ideas. All of these next recommendations can do that, their enthusiasm for their subject comes through in their blogs and they manage to make me enthusiastic too. Surely that is a blogger who deserves recognition. Nurturestore is one such site and to for actually making  me want to craft with Mini Mck, Cathy totally deserves my nomination in the Craft category. In a similar vein Climbing Rainbows gives tons of inspiration for family fun and I love the way Chris caters for all ages in her posts.

It’s not all about the kids though, there are some fabulous blogs that encourage me to do things differently in my home, such as A Thrify Mum, this helps me with cooking, shopping and household chores and at the moment I need to save money more than ever. Also helping me in the cooking department is Fab Food and as all the recipes are vegetarian it helps with the budget too.

My latest blog love is perfect for you vote in the home and the innovation category. Growing Spaces charts Heather’s mission to create a gorgeous family home from a 1970’s box. She mainly uses videos and it is so refreshing to see vlogs being used to great effect. I have never been a fan of vlogs, not really seeing the point of someone talking to camera when they could write it down, but she has totally won me over, as video is the perfect medium for this.

Some of the other blogs that I have voted for that could get your vote in a number of places are More Than Toast, which could easily fit in pregnancy or fashion. A Place of my Own could get your vote in family life, craft or family life, as could Thinly Spread, which also covers topics around schooldays. Finally I urge you to consider (Mostly) Yummy Mummy for one or more of your nominations, she could be your choice in schooldays, family life or fashion.

These are just some of the blogs that I always read first and just seeing a post from them in my reader makes me smile. Give them a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh and I understand there is also a Best Baby Blog award. Y’know, for bloggers that have babies under 1 and sometimes write about them and maybe even publish cute photos of them. So. if you’re stuck for ideas in that catergory………


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