Some days I can so do this domestic, parenting, calm in the face of chaos thing. Today was not one of those days.

Today was about a toddler pushing my buttons and pushing boundaries. It was about not enough naps and a baby that rarely cries, sprouting big juicy tears from his eyes in the supermarket. Today was about being hit by a small child and shouting until my throat felt scratchy. It was about crayon scribbles on the wall, sibling flare ups and an entire roll of kitchen roll being unravelled. Today was about a messy house, again and the dishwasher not working. Today was about tears, frustration and anger. It was about chucking it in at 5:30pm and all going to Morrisons for tea.

Today was about this face

Which means that tonight must be about cookery shows on iPlayer, knitting a cable cushion, a cashmere pashmina and eating Nano’s Easter Eggs. It must be about herbal tea and reading a book and turning the light off early.

So that tomorrow can be about getting organised, taking a breath, baking a birthday cake. It can be about staying calm, lots of naps and lots of smiles. Tomorrow can be about being better than today.


8 thoughts on “Today

  1. Oh, what a sweet,concise post! I hope tomorrow is better. It's my birthday tomorrow so as I RULE the 11th of April I demand it is better. ps. your crappy day sounds like my every day!

  2. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. I hate days like that, they seems to pop up every so often and they are draining and horrible. BUT tomorrow is another day and it will be a fab one! : ) xx

  3. I am so lame at commenting aren't I? This today was weeks ago and I know that you have had some better days since then.I also know that this week is a busy and stressful one for you and I just want to remind you to be kind to yourself, give yourself lots of those restorative evenings if you can and lots of early nights where you leave your phone downstairs xxx

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