My listening pleasure: The funny edition

I have some more listening ideas for you this week and look, I’ve made a picture thingy!

Comedy is a real marmite issue. You either find something funny or you don’t and so I’m a little nervous about giving you radio comedy recommendations. However, I’m going to anyway as a few of my favourites have returned to the airwaves this week and you may be missing out.

Radio 4 has comedy on each night at 6:30, as well as a few other times as well and it was really comedy that first bought me to speech radio. Some of the same shows that play now were on when I was a teenager and my Dad would have them on in the car or the kitchen. Clever, grown up, satirical comedy before Have I got news for you had entered onto our TV screens.

A couple that have started recently that you may like to try are The Unbelievable Truth, a panel game presented by David Mitchell, which definitely cheers up my Monday evening or Sunday afternoon, as it’s repeated and Ed Reardon’s Week. The latter is definitely a Marmite type show, that you will either love or hate. It’s a sitcom about a grumpy failing writer who lives alone with his cat. I like both of these and was really pleased that they are back.

However, my big recommendation this week is The News Quiz. I love love love this programme and will often listen to the Saturday repeat as well. It makes me laugh out loud every week. If you like Have I got news for you, then I am confident that you will like this. In fact, even if you don’t (I don’t) you may still like this. The panel are funnier and they don’t have annoying non-funny guests or politicians on, just sharp, scathing comedians poking fun at those in power.

Go on, off you go, listen now. It’ll cheer you right up.


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