The things they say and do – The Baby Edition

After a couple of weeks break, it’s a very special ‘Things they say and do’ post today, as up until now Mini Mck has rather stole the limelight and I thought it was time for the younger, but just as cute Nano Mck to take centre stage. Do have a look at the other entries on Chris’ blog. Her’s in particular is lovely this week. Her Bonus Boy never fails to make me smile.

Of course, in the past there hasn’t been much that Nano has said or done. He crawls and pickles around the floor. He makes the odd squeaky noise, but generally is a pretty quiet, placid boy. Still, pretty good going seeing as ten months ago he couldn’t hold his own head up or see further than his own hand, or more specifically my boob.

Suddenly, he seems to have taken leaps, something which both of the children do when Mckdaddy is on school holidays. We just have more time to spend talking and cooing at him and he thrives on it. All of the following has happened over the last week. Quite incredible really.

He waves. It looks rather like he has something sticky on his fingers that he is trying to shake off, but nevertheless it is a definite wave. To us, to grandparents and most of all to the cats. He has also learnt to open cupboards, which I am delighted about. There is nothing I like more than removing his hand from the kitchen bin over and over again or prising the washing powder scoop (with powder) out of his tight little grip.

Nano showing off his new skills

He is becoming much more vocal and occasionally will sneak out a Mamamamama or Dadadadada at the right time. However, his first word used every time he sees them is catttttttt. Basically, it appears that despite everything the cats have made the biggest impression on him. Which is annoying because they’ve never done a night feed or changed a nappy the whole time he’s been here.

Of course all of this baby cuteness is just in time to remind you that there is still time to vote in the MADS blog awards. Some kind person has nominated me in the Best Baby Blog award, so if you should feel like following suit I would be supremely chuffed and grateful. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The things they say and do – The Baby Edition

  1. Oh look at him! I want a smooch! Bonus Boy spoke cat language before he spoke English, one of our cats still think she's his mother. Thanks for linking this one, it's gorgeous!

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