Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure – The gob smacked edition

Thank you for bearing with me while I rattled on in my last post. As you see now I’ve got that off my chest there is space in my brain for much more pleasant stuff. Still counting down to Wednesday though and will let you know how we both do. In the meantime, get you iPlayer open….

If I had to sum up Radio 4 in one sentence it would be this. Clever people talking about stuff. I know, it’s pithy and wise and I fully expect the BBC public relations department to be calling me any time now.

It really is true though and often I learn interesting things about subjects that I didn’t even think I had any interest in, such as maths, science or statistics. Every single week I hear something that makes me stop and raise my eyebrows and last week was no exception. In fact, my pick this week made me stop, turn the radio up and say “WHAT!?” out loud, with not even the cat to hear me.

Did you know that until the Olympic Games is over the organising committee have copyright over the number 2012, amongst other things?

I’ll just let that sink in a little….. Have you picked your jaw up off the floor yet? I’ll bet now that you want to know more and so you need to listen to the latest episode of Word of Mouth, a programme all about language and words. I like it when I catch this particular half hour show as it always makes me think and it always makes me smile. I like words and language and this is all about words and language, with the occasional addition of the  delightful Michael Rosen. It really is one for bloggers, who generally like words and language too.

You will hear about the absurdity of the sponsor driven, money generating world of The Olympics, but also about other kinds a intellectual ownership, how words are chosen for the dictionary and a very funny interview with someone who collates information about words that people want banished. Now, that is the kind of project I could get behind. The bit that stuck in my mind is the numerous complaints they had about the overuse of the word amazing. “A word which once aptly described the process of birth, is now used to describe toast”.

See, clever people talking about stuff. What could be better?


4 thoughts on “Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure – The gob smacked edition

  1. Ok… so… don't shoot me… but I think I need to fess up to something. I… umm…. don't really do talk radio. Never have really. But I'm thinking that maybe I should start? And so maybe I could use these wonderful posts of yours as my own little introduction to the talk radio world.

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