Long time, no see

Hello little blog, I’ve missed you. Unfortunately, not only have I not had the brain space to get posts onto the page, I haven’t even had the actual time. With Nano’s Baptism on Saturday most evenings have been taken up with lists and little jobs and most days have been used to shop and bring together food for fifty people. Of course I got very caught up in the little details, but honestly I like the details. I like to put thought into what the tables would look like and what music would be the best choice, but all of that can be time consuming and just a little bit exhausting.

It was all worth it though and the details plus lots of lovely food, many cups of tea and lots of bottles of sparkly stuff helped make Saturday a really special day with most of our most important people there to share it with us. Nano charmed everyone, as I expected. He was more than happy to be passed around, smiling and twinkling at all the right moments.

It was a lovely finish to a month that has been a little too busy and a little too stressful, where the unfortunate casualty was this little space and the people that visit it.

We have also had a birthday in the family with the obligatory over iced cake and of course a party. This was quickly followed by the start of nursery, which has been far more stressful for me than it has for Mini Mck, exactly as it should be.

All of this has been done while the rain has continued to fall, almost every day and another week of rain is forecast this week. When I had a career that involved every bit of me to be there for too many hours a week I never noticed the weather and now I live by it. I know that June is the best month of the summer and that April is when I start wearing my Birkinstocks and we go to the park without our coats. Not this year though. As I stare at the rainy window I do try to remember that it is good for the growing, but I really am over it now and long for warmth and sunshine or frankly even one of those things would do right now.

Gosh, I think I’ve just managed to write a rambling, general update blog post. I hope so, I love reading them on other blogs, but have never been able to get the hang of them. Insightful, meaningful service will be resumed shortly……maybe.


2 thoughts on “Long time, no see

  1. I love this post. Especially (in no particular order)How happy you look in the photo of Nano's baptism. Pure happiness.The fact that you obviously believe like me that there is no such this as a party without party rings. Top marks.How edible that little man looks all dressed up.The walking away from you big boy picture of Mini The general update randomness of this post.

  2. Wonderful post- thank you for the glimpse into your busy weekend. Nano is just precious. We too had a busy one- a Holy communion so I was catering for the 5000 as well- at least it felt like that! Well done for pulling it all together and what a beautiful family you have!

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