The things they say and do – The guessing game

Just a short ‘Thing they say and do’ this week. It has been running around in my head since it happened and it is still making me chuckle days later.

Small children are all about explosions. It’s amazing to watch the explosions of language and movement, but even more amazing to see imagination and humour exploding. I just love it.

Last week I was preparing some kind of food in the kitchen (as usual) when Mini Mck came in looking pleased with himself.

Mini Mck: I’m an animal from Timmy Time, Mummy. Guess which animal I am.

Me: OK, give me a clue.

Mini Mck: I’m a sheep! *grins*

Mmmm, I think someone needs to practice the art of giving clues. Made me laugh though.

For more funny example of the things kids say and do head over to Thinly Spread.


2 thoughts on “The things they say and do – The guessing game

  1. Oh bless him! That reminded me of my daughter playing hide and seek with her brothers when she was about the same age. She always hid in the same place, was always visible and was always surprised when they found her!

  2. Oh we play the what animal am I game and we are meant to make the noises but Piran always asks me what animal he should be first. I love that about this age.I really like your sidebar buttons, very nice.

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