You lovely lot

MAD Blog Awards 2012

A big thank you to everyone who nominated in the MAD blog awards 2012. It was perhaps a little below the belt of me to trot out a cute picture of Nano Mck to remind you that I am eligible for the Best Baby Blog award, but it seems to have done the trick as I have made the final.

I am so chuffed that some of you enjoy reading my words enough to vote for Mummy Limited and I am in some great company in my category that I am already practising my ‘I’m not in the least bit disappointed’ nodding, smiling and clapping routine for the awards ceremony in September.

Having said that if you have enjoyed what you’ve seen here, whether it’s baby related or not I would really be grateful if you could vote for me in the final stage. You have until June 6th.

Again, thank you so much. This really has made me smile lots and to show you how grateful I am, how about another gratuitous cute baby photo?


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