More Small Things

I loved writing my last Small Things post and reading everyone else’s. I found that after writing it I was noticing more and more small things all the time and that has got to be good. Today has been one of those days where nothing seems to have gone quite right. Mini Mck has been having a ‘NO’ day, I almost envy toddlers in the way that they express themselves sometimes. Anyway I’ve been thinking of writing a small things post for a while and now seems the perfect time. Here are some of the small things that make me happy.

A single blackbird perched on a TV ariel showing off his full song proudly, going out without a coat, new plants in the garden, discovering that I actually love running in the rain, Nano Mck ‘getting’ the swings, my favourite clematis bursting into flower just as it does every year, with little interference from me.

Mastering the messy but not too messy up-do, finding a hair doughnut to help this for £1, laughing until my stomach aches and tears are rolling down my face, proper hugging, limited edition Jubilee products (I may be developing a worrying addiction in this area.)

Red nail varnish, a perfect white shirt, getting into clothes that haven’t fitted since before I was pregnant with Nano, Mini Mck collecting pine cones for me as presents every time he goes to nursery ( this may start to wear thin as I continue to find them everywhere) my children making each other laugh.

Getting to bed before 10pm, remembering to get tomorrow’s clothes ready for me and the children, an empty ironing basket (it doesn’t happen often but it’s satisfying when it does), making it to the MADS final, charity shop bargains, getting out of bedtime hour to go and give blood.

Watching The Great British Menu while feeding Nano before I go to bed, halving the amount of petrol we use, finding the good vanilla coffee flavouring in the Cash & Carry.

Mini Mck’s smackeroo kisses, being able to calm Nano simply with my voice, travelling alone on first class, walking through London at night with two amazing friends and our very own buskers soundtrack.

So, these are my small things. They are small but important and mine. What are yours?


10 thoughts on “More Small Things

  1. I think quite a few of us are developing a Jubilee addiction! It made me think of the coronation and how our Grandmothers may have felt? Love the small things, yours is great, as always x

  2. Great post…never mastered the messy-but-not-too-messy look!! I was laughing until tears were running down my cheeks yesterday watching Michael McIntyre. Will look out for the small things 🙂

  3. Oh I am honoured to be on your list of small things. I loved having our own soundtrack but I look properly demented in that picture. That was a wonderful weekend.

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