It’s amazing what a difference some sun on your face makes. Your arms, legs and toes can finally feel the air and warmth. The tantrums seem less, the TV is off and even my house looks tidier and happier. I am a little sad that we seem to have bypassed Spring this year. I like Spring, the freshness in the air even though the sun is shining and the fact that you still need a cardi when you go out. We appear to have gone straight from a grey, wet and cold winter to full on sweltering summer. A shame, but I can live with it.

It feels as if we have been cooped up for months and both myself and the children were becoming a little stir crazy and we weren’t the only ones. So yesterday we broke free and it was wonderful.

I’m not someone who craves a strict routine for my children, Gina Ford would not stand a chance in our house. I am grateful that I don’t, it has made this first year of having two children easier. However, we do seem to have fallen into a routine of sorts, resisting my instinct to get out and about early and instead waiting for Nano to have his first nap. This gives us a nice chunk of time to go on an adventure and even the possibility of getting them to nap at the same time when we get home.

Yesterday our adventure involved sun hats and lotion, a picnic in the park, some football, swings and the first ice cream of the year on the way home. Chalk railway lines and roads drawn on the patio kept Mini entertained, as did picking herbs and watering pots. Washing got pegged out and dry and the lawn was cut.

It was a good day.

Just in case you hadn’t heard me mention in before *cough* I am a finalist in The MADS Best Baby Blog and if you haven’t voted already would love it if you considered casting a vote for Mummy Limited. Thank you x


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