You were born on a Wednesday, early in the morning, 5:02am to be exact. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day. A perfect June day. Not that we saw much of it, spending the day on a hospital ward, getting to know each other and trying to catch some sleep.

You have kept much of that sunshine with you all year and have really been the easiest baby I could have wished for. You have taken it all it your stride and life seems to have come easy to you. You have taken to it all with no fuss and lots of success.

You sleep, eat and move around with ease and have a patient and loving nature that I hope you keep for all of your life. You just seem happy all the time and proper crying for any length of time is really unusual for you. You are so calm and in turn make me calmer. I only have to pick you up to find that I am breathing more easily.

There are some things you don’t like. You’re not keen on having your nappy changed or having your nails clipped and you definitely don’t want to be woken before you are ready in the morning. You aren’t a big fan of carrots or eggs, but every other food I have given you is polished off with ease. You eat the same amount as your three year old brother.

You love to cuddle and are really good at it too, moulding yourself to people and leaning in to make them feel needed and loved. Everyone notices it, just as they notice your eyes. Big, blue and gorgeously round and they smile and twinkle whenever you do.

The last year has gone in a flash, maybe because you have been so easy-going and I haven’t been willing us to reach that year milestone, or maybe just because it is so much busier with two boys to contend with. I am always eager for it to slow down, but on the other hand I am a little eager to see what is next for you. What will you be like when you start to toddle and talk. It’s exciting to see this little person emerging from you, bursting forth really.

Wednesday’s child is loving and giving, so the rhyme tells us and even though I am sure it has nothing to do with the day you were born it fits you perfectly.


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