Work in progress – Twisty cables and sunny squares

I always have some kind of yarn based project or projects on the go. Mostly picked up each evening, but occasionally left for a few days or a week without any progress being made. 
However, sometimes these things really grab my attention. The first thing I think when I wake up is whether I can squeeze in ten minutes working on them before Nano wakes for his feed and I find myself trying to carve out tiny bits of time in the day to add to them. I am not sure why knitting or crochet suddenly become the only thing I want to do, but suddenly I am just waiting for my next window.
First of all, I seem to have fallen in love with my ‘in between projects’ project. It’s a cable cushion for my lounge using some yarn I bought years ago for a wrap. I started the wrap, hated it and so gave up and the rather expensive and beautifully soft wool say idle for ages. Then, I realised it was the perfect colour for my lounge and having seen lots of gorgeous knitted cushions in interiors magazines decided this would be the perfect use. I suspected that I would get bored with it though, as it is just one colour with no shaping, but it’s the cables, you see, I can’t help but love the cables. Cable are easy to do, but look difficult and their lumps and bumps just feel so lovely. They have wound their way around my heart and suddenly my cushion is growing at quite a pace. I am loving making it and even more so because I know it’s going to look and feel gorgeous when it is finally finished. 
It isn’t really interesting enough to keep my attention on it’s own and so I thought it was time I started something new and I have been hankering after picking up the crochet again, wanting to do something a little more challenging than just stripes or flowers. Again I have chosen a large piece, which may be a mistake, but I so wanted a blanket for our bed and so have started hooking gorgeous, little colourful granny squares. I fear I could become addicted. I only wish I’d started sooner, as would love to take hand made blankets on our various summer camping trips.
At the rate I am going I may even manage it, however my house will be a mess by then and we will have no clean clothes. 

4 thoughts on “Work in progress – Twisty cables and sunny squares

  1. The Granny Squares are lovely, I think the beauty of doing them for a big project is they don't take long to do just one and when you have it is an achievement so you feel you are getting somewhere (the crochet blanket I started is hidden in the cupboard upstairs about a quarter of the size I wanted. I will get to it later in the year I am sure.)That cable cushion looks amazing however and I am totally in love. As you know knitting is not my strong point though so I will have to look for one in the shops.

  2. I will get crochet one day. I will. I need to order the book you learned from. I am off to a learn to knit class next week. I want to knit cushion covers like your cable one and also a throw for my bed too!

  3. I am scared of cable but that cushion looks GORGEOUS so I may have to tackle it! I'm also inspired to hook some more squares, I have a blanket I started for DD gathering dust in my projects basket. I ought to finish it before she decides the only colour she will tolerate is black!

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