Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure: Pottering to randomness

I haven’t been doing much radio listening recently. I’m not entirely sure why, but it seems that every time I catch part of something interesting which I intend to go back to, I never get the chance. Life is busy, I guess.

However, last Wednesday while Mini Mck was at nursery and Nano Mck was sleeping, I was doing one of my favourite things, pottering in the house, with the back door open and Radio 4 on.

I caught part of something that is now in it’s second series and I remember hearing some of the first and being totally diverted by it.

Don’t Log Off is a series of interviews that Alan Dein has done with people he has connected with through Facebook and Skype. I love the randomness of this programme and the fantastic mixture of the minutiae of people’s lives together with the high level of craziness that is on the Internet. There really are plenty of oddballs pervading the World Wide Web, not us obviously.

It was followed by a really gentle and amusing drama starring June Whitfield, as part of A Month of June. The episode that I caught is no longer on iPlayer, but this week’s is. I haven’t heard it, but it’s got June Whitfield and Barbara Windsor in it. What more do you need to know?



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