When one photo just isn’t enough

There are some days when choosing one photo for Project 365 is just impossible and Sunday was one of those days. A short trip to the allotment to finally harvest some spoils and there was just so much to see.

Mckdaddy took over this allotment in the Autumn and as with most plots that have been left and finally given up to the next person on the waiting list it is rather overgrown with weeds. Time, with two small children and a busy job is limited, which doesn’t leave much left for him to work on it and the wet weather has made it even harder.

However, in an attempt to break the snacking cycle and lose some weight he has been there nearly every evening for a couple of weeks, armed with a radio to listen to Euro 2012 and a flask of coffee.

It is really starting to come together and finally look like an allotment. Neat rows of spring onions, garlic and red onions, that are plumping up and poking through the ground, beautiful beetroot, ready to eat, the tinniest shoots of runner beans pushing up the soil, ready to scramble up the string that has been put there for it and perhaps most exciting of all, at least for me, small, slightly gnarly, green raspberries, that with the right weather will be juicy and pink very soon. I can’t wait.

For this weekend we had to be content with leafy broad bean tops, that were delicious steamed, beetroot, new potatoes and a few amazingly sweet strawberries. 
There was also some serious puddle jumping that just had to be photographed.

Can you see why I couldn’t choose just one photo? 


4 thoughts on “When one photo just isn’t enough

  1. I love the way you do the corners on your images. It looks like a fab weekend. We are contemplating an allotment, but there are none locally and I think we would actually like half a one!I have fantastic memories of going down the allotment with my dad and granddad and I even had my own cutting garden there

  2. How cool is that! I want an allotment too, unfortunately I am the least "green fingers" person anyone can meet. I just look at plants or flowers and they die instantly… That's not so cool for a successful allotment. The weekend seems like it was a good one 🙂

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