The everyday magic

Whenever you speak to someone who doesn’t ‘get’ social media, one of the first things they query is why you would want to tell the world you have made a cup of tea or see what someone is having for their dinner. These are the things that I love about it. I love the minutiae of life, the details, the small things.

I am an everyday sort of girl and I am grateful for this. Birthdays, holidays, Christmas and family celebrations are all lovely and enjoyable, but they are rare and it is finding the good in the everyday things that make a life and a life that is rich and full.

If you just take a moment to really see then you will find all manner of things in the everyday. Here lies beauty, laughter, peace, joy and most of all love.

There is so much everyday magic in my life that I simply couldn’t narrow it down any further than these from the last few weeks:

It’s the stillness and quiet of an early morning run…
…baking cakey buns with your kids…
…and the perfect home made iced vanilla latte.
It’s finding fifteen minutes for some sneaky hooky and a cup of tea…
a Sunday roast outside…
a rare glimpse of a light sleeping baby…
and ending the day with some soothing cables and a box set of The West Wing.
The everyday is where life is, in all it’s wonderful guises. 

This post was written as part of The Gallery. Click of the lens cup for more glimpses of ‘The Everyday’ 

32 thoughts on “The everyday magic

  1. Definitely the little things that make people happy. Plus of course social media helps me increase opportunities for nosiness without being a stalker, as it's quite normal to share and share alike!

  2. Try not to ever get to the end of your West Wing box set, life is pretty much not worth living after!(Jokes, it just sucks a bit hehe. Lovely post and gorgeous pics)

  3. I love all the small things posts, but this one particularly made me smile when it popped into my inbox. We're very similar in a lot of ways.

  4. What a lovely post, and so true – every day has a hundred magical moments, if you know where to look for them. And a sleeping baby is always one of them!

  5. Ah your days are filled with the things I'd love to do but can't find time for, ie knitting and vanilla ice – wow, might be able to squeeze that one in 😉

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