Mummy Limited’s listening pleasure – The bonus edition

I have the radio on for a large part of the day to dip in and out of and I often wonder what makes something worthy of writing a blog post. When does something go beyond mildly interesting to the point where I want to tell you about it. 

It’s the piece that makes me turn up the radio or listen again so that I can fully take it in without the distraction of small children. This week it was finding myself not getting out of my car at the supermarket so that I could listen to a little bit more of Fatima Whitbread talking about her childhood spent mainly in children’s homes, in the same five minutes as Frank Partnoy was talking about his book, Wait – The Useful Art of Procrastination’, surely a must read for those of us who spend many hours in the procrastinators paradise that is the Internet and particularly Twitter. 

Midweek, on Wednesday morning at 9am and repeated in the evening, is nearly always a good listen, it always has an interesting mix of guests that you would never normally hear in the usual round of people plugging their products on TV or on the radio. It’s available as a podcast, as well as on iplayer, so you should be able to get this for longer than a week too.

If you can’t though, you only have until Wednesday and so here are a couple of recommendations for this week of things returning to Radio 4 that I love and will definitely be listening to. Firstly The Long View returns today. It’s a great mix of history and current affairs where Jonathan Friedland of The Guardian compares a recent event with one in history and chats to experts and commentators. There is usually the added bonus of a great actor reading historical bits too, you may suddenly find Prunella Scales or Andrew Sachs popping up. 

The second series that returns this week is Old Harry’s Game, written and starring Andy Hamilton, it’s a sitcom about the devil. He wrote Drop the Dead Donkey and more recently Outnumbered, so needless to say, it’s funny. It returns on Thursday at 6:30pm

Let me know what you thought, if you manage to listen. As ever, I am in no way sponsored by the BBC and this is just stuff I wanted to tell you about. Enjoy.

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