Gone camping

Some weeks just slowly creep on you and when you least expect it, sting you on the bum. Last week was one of those weeks. A stomach bug for Mini Mck, turned into a nursery picnic in the pouring rain and a stomach bug for the rest of us, including a midnight bath for Nano.
By Thursday I was ready for a quiet day at home, however was instead rewarded with a toddler sporting a 38 degree temperature who wanted nothing more than for me to not leave his side, stroke his head and sing nursery rhymes to him as he drifted in and out of sleep.
It is during weeks like this that you suddenly find you have had an unintentional bloggy break. I have tons of ideas for posts rolling around in my head, but little time to get them down and unfortunately at the end of day, crochet requires less brain power and no more than the amount I am left with by 8pm.
However, this week will be different. It is the start of the summer holidays and I long to sleep under canvas and cook outside. I can here the sea calling me for the first of our three periods of summer camping.
So, I’m afraid that still leaves little time for blogging. No matter, I will take pretty pictures and think lovely thoughts.


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