The small camping things

We are back, briefly. Back to the land of proper beds, electricity, unlimited wi-fi and our own bathroom. It is lovely to be home, there is really nothing like returning home, especially after camping, but while we were roughing it I couldn’t help but notice all the small things. The reasons I love the ‘canvas life’ so much. I wrote them down, couldn’t post them, of course. No bloody internet!

Drinking your first tea of the day outside, listening to the rain on the tent, being warm in bed, a head torch so you can read in your warm bed. a whistling kettle, watching other people put their tent up.

Kids playing tennis at 7:15am, kids being taught how to ride their bikes and doing it for the first time, Sporty Dad who plays badminton, swing ball, football and cricket all day long, watching a teenager practice with his diablo for hours on end.

Woolly hats with shorts and pyjamas with wellies. Kids riding bikes and flying kites in their pyjamas, in fact pretty much anything related to pyjamas when camping. Two little smiley faces giggling as they open their bedroom zip.

A long slow breath, no TV, limited phone battery, the Olympics on the radio, (thank you 5live and Chris Evans) hay bales, jumping off them and sitting on them, campfires, elevenses, goats in the campsite bakery queue, not needing a torch to get to the loo as the sky is so clear and the moon is so bright, stars and The Milky Way.



10 thoughts on “The small camping things

  1. Summed up beautifully. I love being in my pyjamas in front of total strangers and not batting an eyelid! I love cooking one piece of bacon at a time in an unfeasibly tiny frying pan and random children hanging round your space saying ' that's my house over there *points to a posh caravan* whilst checking out your child's play things. Nothing sweeter.

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