The things they say and do – The Inevitable Edition

I admit that potty training is a pretty dull subject, in addition to which it is the stick that is used to beat all ‘Mummy Bloggers’. Those who clearly don’t read many blogs written by mothers say “Oh, they are all so dull, all they do is prattle on about potty training and cake”.

For these reasons, I have avoided the subject, but I like to think that Mummy Limited gives a honest account of parenting small children and I therefore feel it is my duty to be honest about this subject.

Other mothers will tell you that their little darlings were dry within a week and virtually potty trained themselves and as they do there will be another mother in the group who will go quiet and busy herself getting something out of her bag. She is the mother who has been persevering for months and biting the side of her cheek in frustration at yet another wet pair of trousers (or worse).

She is the mother (it’s me by the way) who thinks potty training is the most frustrating, horrendous, tedious, awful slog.

We have been plugging away since Easter and are finally getting somewhere, although we still have some days that require FOUR changes of clothes, but I am becoming more zen, as this week’s ‘Things they say and do’ proves.

Earlier this week, upstairs in my house…….

I am changing the sheets on our bed and Mini Mck galumphs upstairs, he has no pants or shorts on.

Me: Mini, why haven’t you got your shorts on? Did you do a wee in them?


I choose to ignore the situation and carry on, not worrying too much about what horror awaits me downstairs. I carry on with my task.

The next thing I hear is a tinkling noise and peer out of the bedroom to see Mini kneeling on the floor, carefully, with no splashes, peeing in the cat’s water.

Is it wrong that I was simply relieved he hadn’t created any washing or made a mess?

*unimpressed face*

3 thoughts on “The things they say and do – The Inevitable Edition

  1. You don't have to explain yourself, you know. When I started blogging (2009) most 'mummy bloggers' wrote about stuff like this because blogging was a support network for isolated mothers. We talked things through and helped one another. It's a bit different now, but I'm guessing that most of us still need supporting through parenthood – I know I do.If it's any help we waited until ours were about three and a half before we toilet trained them, we didn't bother with potties. Neither had shown any signs of being ready, even then. We went through a week of hell with them doing nothing in the loo, then they just got it.Good luck, you will get there in the end.Oh and your cat pic caption made me lol.

  2. I think I'd have been the same. Toilet training is hard. Mine were 2 & 8 months before I started and oldest was great, little one a bit longer. Poor kitty but oh so funny x

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